loQsoft Quality Management Systems Software Products will be enough for you to develop your structure with only one top version integrated with each other and business among themselves.
New Products

loQ Basic

loQ Basic Start is a software that can be used for multi-user systems different from loQ Basic Start Free and meets the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System. With this software you can benefit from its facilities by establishing your Quality Management System.


loQ Master

loQ Master is a Management System Software that can be used by SME and large scale companies that have established or are establishing Quality Management Systems and the related processes are software that can be executed with software support.


loQ Master Plus

In addition to loQ Master Quality Management Systems, loQ Master Plus is software that includes production management, inventory, purchasing and ordering modules.


loQ Medical

loQ Medical is a software developed to keep track of doctor's examinations, periodic health check-ups and health information of candidates who will start work at the firm.